Psychologist George Kelly, is one of my favourite psychologists. He hypothesises that we all look at the world in our own way, that we take a phenomenological view and approach - and our past, with its ups and downs and the present moment is where we experience strength, through awareness of ourselves and how we approach life's stresses. It's a great producton series for Bliss, produced by myself, David Hall, and I recommend you listen. 



These programmes are great in the evening, just 30 minutes alone. However, why not use them in the morning, or whenever you know you may have a challenging time to come. Learn with us how that doesn't need to be stressful.  got a stressful time to come. We're al about living in the moment and concentrating on 'now' - because in the now, our two worst enemies the past and the future don't exist.  Spend time with our programmes and enjoy hem.


You're valuable. You're worth it. You are special, and in this hectic world, sometimes we need to stop where we are, take a step or two back, and find a time and a place we can just close our eyes from the big wide world, as important as all that is, and create a space for loving ourselves and accentuating our own self awareness.

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